Boeing Boeing and Kiss Me Kate


Open Audition dates/times 
Saturday, October 8th   1 pm to 3:30 pm   
Sunday, October 9th     6:30 pm
- 9:00 pm



Monday, October 10, 2022  6:00pm to 7:30pm (Boeing Boeing)    

Monday, October 10, 2022  7:30pm to 9:30 pm (Kiss Me Kate)    


Audition Location:

The Madcap Education Center

3064 Harrison Avenue

Cincinnati, OH  45211



If you’d like the audition forms sent to you in advance, email Jennifer Perrino @

Important Audition Information!



Bob Brunner, Director; Holly Mills, Stage Manager

  • Must be a minimum of 21 years of age to audition.
  • You will read from the script.
  • MUST HAVE A RESUME listing theatrical experience in order to audition.
  • Please bring a headshot and resume.



Genevieve Perrino, Director/Choreographer; Greg Dastillung, Music Director; Cassidy Steele, Asst. Choreographer; Holly McGowan, Stage Manager

  • Must be a minimum of 16 years of age to audition.
  • You may be asked to read from the script.
  • Please prepare a song to sing for 32 measures in musical theatre style.
  • You will be taught a dance combination as well.
  • MUST HAVE A RESUME listing theatrical experience in order to audition.
  • Please bring a headshot and resume.

CLP is actively seeking a diverse cast. Performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities and abilities are encouraged to audition.




Boeing Boeing           January 26 – February 19, 2023

By Marc Camoletti

This 1960’s French farce adapted for the English-speaking stage, features self-styled Parisian lothario Bernard, who has Italian, German and American fiancées, each a beautiful airline hostess with frequent layovers - one up, one down, and one pending - until unexpected schedule changes bring all three to Paris, and Bernard’s apartment, at the same time!   Winner of the 2008 Tony Award, 2008 Drama Desk Award and 2008 Olivier Award.


Bernard (Mail 30 – 50 yrs.) An American architect and lothario who resides in Paris. Bernard is the quintessential 1960’s playboy who is managing three love affairs at the same time. He is a charming, hustling, lovable rascal who has no idea just how in over his head he really is.  Must have strong comedic timing. Physical comedy is a plus.


Gloria (Female 20-40yrs.) An American airline stewardess from New York City and fiancée to Bernard.  She isa go-getter, sexy and works for TWA. Gloria is looking to settle down with the perfect man and Bernard fits the bill, which to her is pure bliss. She is chipper, friendly, and take-charge if not a little on the sensual opportunistic side.  Must have strong comedic timing. Physical comedy is a plus.

Gabriella (Female 20 – 40 yrs.) An Italian airline stewardess and fiancée to Bernard.   She is passionate and feisty and works for Alitalia.  Gabriella is in love with Bernard but her jealousy can run deep. She is sentimental, lusty, nurturing, and loving but when her jealousy is aroused her temper can flair in the most dramatic fashion. Italian accent required. Must have strong comedic timing.


Gretchen (Female 20 – 40 yrs.) A German airline stewardess, and Gretchen is also engaged to Bernard. She is strong and beautiful and works for Lufthansa.  Gretchen yearns for extreme passion and has found the perfect fix in Bernard, or so she thinks. She is strong, dominating, and caring but can become quite thin-skinned particularly when her feelings of passion are conflicted.  German accent required.  Must have strong comedic timing.  Physical comedy a plus.

Berthe (Female 30 – 70 yrs.)  Bernard’s French housekeeper, Berthe is always exhausted and exasperated. She has honed her French existential brand of sarcasm to a T.  She is the classic grumbling, rye, clever and ever-complaining house maid who, in the end, knows how to play her cards right to get what she wants

Robert  (Male 30 – 50 yrs.)  An old time friend of Bernard’s from Wisconsin, Robert shows up unexpectedly at Bernard’s Paris home.  Robert has lived a simple somewhat sheltered life in Wisconsin. He is sweet, unobtrusive, and shy but turns quickly nervous and clumsy when trying to help Bernard conceal his secrets when circumstances demand.  Must have strong comedic timing.  Physical comedy is a plus.





Kiss Me Kate                                March 16 – April 8, 2023

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter, Book by Sam and Bella Spewack

The battle of the sexes takes center stage as former spouses feud onstage and off during a musical   

presentation of The Taming of the Shrew.  Sophisticated, romantic and delightfully hilarious with great songs like:  “Always True to You Darling”, “Tom, Dick and Harry” and “We Open in Venice”.
Winner of 10 Tony Awards, five in 1949 and five in 2000!


LILLI VANESSI/ KATHERINE FEMALE (30-45) Soprano with metzo/ belt. Vocal range A3-Bb5 A regal diva with a fierce temper and rapier- wit. Must have beauty, poise and the elegance of a 1940s movie star. Prepare to sing “So In Love” and “Wunderbar”

FRED GRAHAM/ PETRUCHIO MALE (35-50) classic baritone vocal range Bb2-G4 Leading Man, writer, producer, director, superman with ego as large as his resume. Must be handsome, charismatic, funny and have a physically imposing presence. Should be familiar and comfortable with Shakespearean text. Prepare to sing “So in Love” and “Were Thine that Special Face”

BILL CALHOUN/ LUCENTIO MALE (25-45) Bari-Tenor. Vocal Range G2-F4 His compulsive gambling constantly gets him in trouble with girlfriend, Lois. Must be an excellent actor, singer/dancer with irresistible charm. Prepare to sing “Bianca”

LOIS LANE/ BIANCA-Female (20-32) Belt/Mix Vocal Range G3-F5 Sexy and charismatic. An expert at employing her feminine wiles. Must be excellent dancer/belter with strong comedic ability. Prepare to sing “Always True to You in My Fashion”.

HATTIE Female (25-40) Vocal Range G3-F4 . Belt Lilli’s dresser. She has seen it all. Should be an accomplished singer/dancer. Prepare to sing “Another Op’nin’, Another Show”

PAUL Male (26-39) Vocal Range C3-F#4 Fred’s dresser. Cool under pressure. Featured vocalist with jazz styling. Must be excellent and charismatic dancer. Tap required. Prepare to sing “Too Darn Hot”

FIRST AND SECOND MAN (25-65) Vocal range B2-F4 Two tough gangsters, who, after six years in the prison library, have developed a unique way with words and an appreciation of Shakespeare and the theater. Must move well and have a great sense of classic vaudevillian comedy. Prepare to sing “Brush up your Shakespeare”

GENERAL HARRISON HOWELL Male (40-60) Baritone, Vocal range B2-F4. Highly distinguished U.S. army general with strong political ties to the White House. A rigidly conservative character with military discipline and patriarchal values. Must have excellent comedic skills. Prepare to sing “From this Moment On”

POPS-male (45-62) Stage door keeper. Prepare to sing “Another Op’nin’, Another show”

PRIEST (40-70) Marries Kate and Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew. Must speak Shakespearean English well

HARRY TREVOR/BAPTISTA (45-65) Veteran Actor who plays the father of Kate and Bianca in Taming of the Shrew Prepare to sing “Another Op’nin’, Another show”

ENSEMBLE/HORTENSIO: Suitor to Bianca in Taming of the Shrew. Prepare to sing “Tom, Dick or Harry” Must be competent dancer.

ENSEMBLE/GREMIO: Suitor to Bianca in Taming of the Shrew. Prepare to sing “Tom, Dick or Harry”

ENSEMBLE- Male and Female (22-55) Stagehands, dancers, assistants, various parts in both Kiss Me Kate and Taming of the Shrew Prepare to sing “Another Op’nin’, Another show”