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CYPT 2024

Anything Goes

Cast/Crew Information


Here’s the cast list for Cincinnati Young People Theater’s Anything Goes

Please find your name on the CAST LIST BELOW.  Then keep reading the information here.

Please ACCEPT OR DECLINE the role that has been assigned to you no later than Sunday, May 5th by 3pm. It is always appreciated if you can accept or decline your role as soon as possible, but it cannot be any later than 3pm on Sunday, May 5thYou must Accept OR Decline

Communication - Please Reply to this message by emailing Jennifer Perrino. Many, many hours have been spent casting this show and making some very hard decisions so please don’t leave us guessing. Be a pro and, email Jennifer Perrino to accept or decline your role in this summer’s production.

Jennifer’s email:          Jennifer’s cell:  513-218-8003

*Please note:  When you email to accept or decline, please provide your name in the message (please don’t make us work to figure out who you are based on email and/or phone numbers).

Conflicts - At auditions, we asked you to provide us with your conflict information, please take a moment and triple check any conflicts you have with the dates below and make sure you have no further conflicts. If you have too many additional conflicts that were not disclosed at auditions, please know that these additional conflicts can affect your role assignment in the show or you could potentially be dropped from the production. Please check your summer schedule again and be sure we know all of your conflicts. 

The Cast List & Rehearsal Schedule - A specific rehearsal schedule will be sent to you via email by Monday, May 13th AND a copy will be given to you at the 1st rehearsal. The cast list represents roles and specific choruses, but this is a huge Ensemble show! It is impossible to list all the things that each individual will get to be a part of in this Production. If you’ve been cast, trust that it is because you are incredibly talented and that you’ll be given a lot to do!!

TICKETS are now on sale.  Call the Box Office 513-241-6550, 11am - 5pm, Monday through Friday or at  

Please note:  Be sure to let your people know about the pricing of $20 and $22.  Beware of 3rd party websites. The only site to purchase from is ours:


·         Meet and Greet – Want to meet all your new friends before we begin?  Let’s gather on Thursday, May 16th 6:30pm to 8:30pm  This will be a fun warm up for all.  At the Meet and Greet we will also choose the CYPT TEEN BOARD. If you wish to help make the summer a great one for everyone in CYPT, please prepare a short speech/presentation telling your fellow cast/crew mates WHY you’d make a great member of the TEEN BOARD in 2024. If you would like more information about this please look back in the packet when you filled out when you auditioned. 

·         1st Rehearsal and Information Session:  Tuesday, May 28th, 6:30pm at the Covedale Theatre.  We will start with all the information you could need, then move into music.  Cast, Crew, Parents/Guardians should attend this information session.  This is the only rehearsal parents/guardians may attend.

 Congratulations and see you all soon!


General rehearsal dates – Sunday rehearsal start at 6pm.  Weekdays start at 6:30 pm.

All tech rehearsals July 21-24 will begin at 6pm.











7/21 – Tech










7/22 – Tech          










7/23 – Final Dress










7/24 – Final Dress










7/25 OPEN


Show Dates:                                            

Thurs. July 25                  Thurs. Aug. 1                  

Fri. July 26                        Fri. Aug. 2                       

Sat. July 27                       Sat. Aug. 3                      

Sun. July 28                      Sun. Aug. 4 (2 shows)                        


Show Times are Thurs @7:30 pm, Fri. and Sat. @8:00 pm and Sunday @2:00 pm. (with an additional Sunday show at 7:30 on Aug. 4.) Call time for the cast and crew is 90 minutes to 2 hours before curtain depending on performance. 

All Rehearsals and Performances will be held at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts, 4990 Glenway Avenue, 45238.


-Thurs. 5/16 – CYPT Meet and Greet! At Covedale. 6:30pm to 8:30pm

-Sat. 6/8 – Car wash fundraiser at Covedale.  10am to 3pm

-Sat. 6/22 – Car wash fundraiser at Covedale.  10am to 3pm

-Saturdays Set, Costumes, Prop work for Tech and Cast Volunteer hours: 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/13 from 10 am to 1 pm.

-Sat. 7/20 – Move- In- Day- on this day we will clean both the house and the backstage area of the Covedale to make sure it's ready for our first tech rehearsal! 10am to 1pm.

-Sun. 8/5 – Strike/party/watch performance DVD: Monday evening Aug, 5, 2024, 6:30pm – 10:30pm.


Anything Goes



Reno Sweeney

Jamie Swisshelm

Billy Crocker

Landon Gleeson

Hope Harcourt

Franny Bell

Evelyn Oakleigh

Jacob Eddingfield

Moonface Martin

Leo Jenkins

Erma Latour

Emma Sperber

Elisha Whitney

Trexler Cook

Evangeline Harcourt

Karli Smith


Steven Williams


Logan Nerlinger


Benson Moore


Sophia Moore

Minister Henry T Dobson/ Young Lovers Chorus

Aidan Mancini

Fred the Bartender / Passenger 4 / Young Lovers Chorus

Charlie Pille

Snake Eyes Johnson/ Male Passenger/ Young Lovers Chorus

Michael Geist

Young Swell / Young Lovers Chorus

Quentin Johnson

Old Lady In the Wheelchair / Ship's Crew

Dalandra Gibson

Passenger 1 / Young Lovers Chorus/ Reno's Band

Lucy Schill

Passenger 2 / Cupids's Chorus

Claire Jeffreys

Passenger 3 / Young Lovers Chorus/ Reno's Band

Libby Whitman

Repoter 1/ College Boy 1/ Young Lovers Chorus

Niko Palassis

Reporter 2/ Cupid's Chorus

Vivian Brown

Photographer 1/College Boy 2/ Young Lovers Chorus

Eddie Jones

Photographer 2/ Cupid's Chorus

Zola Sontag

FBI Agent 1/ Young Lovers Chorus

Noah Collins

FBI Agent 2/ Young Lovers Chorus

Beck Richmond

Offstage Voice/ Young Lovers Chorus/ Reno's Band

Chelsea Brewer

Female Passenger 1/ Cupid's Chorus

Emma Kahny

Female Passenger 2/ Cupids Chorus

Eden Walker

ANGELS (x8):

*Dance Captain/ Purity- Angel #1

Natalie Klug

*Dance Captain/ Chastity - Angel #2

Clare Graff

Charity - Angel #3

Sarah Newland

Virtue - Angel #5

Reagan Niederhausen

Temperence - Angel

Gracie Paff

Faith - Angel

Kaitlyn Ely

Prudence - Angel

Yvonne Marie Herrmann

Joy - Angel #4

Grace Manning


Sailor #1

Rowan Roseman

Sailor #2

Ben Brown

Sailor #3

Mitchell Wolking

Sailor #4

Will James

Sailor #5

Andrew Kelm

Sailor #6

Noah Jeffreys

Sailor #7

Clinton Micknney

Sailor #8

Evan Brasier

M&F Ship's Crew

Luke Fahey

Waiter/ Ship's Crew

Xander Steely

Lilah Whitman

Eve Troutwine

Elijah Cook

Peter Waning

Eleanor Good

Young Lovers Chorus / Reno's Band

Lily Schutte

Sienna King

Lily Hampton

Elsie Routt

Skylar Grouse

 Cupid's Chorus

Kit Valentine

Leah Mueller

Seava Sierra King

Kailani Childress

Maren Jenkins

Lucy Stoecklin

Ava Altenau

Mallory Hofmeyer

Ava Wildenmann





Adams, Sydney

Backstage running crew

Baker, Joanna

Backstage running crew

Bashara, Griffin

Backstage running crew

Fischli, Mireya

Backstage running crew

Gould, Kailie

Follow spot operator

Kelm, Evan

Follow spot operator

Pence, Arianna

Backstage running crew

Jones, Asher

Backstage running crew


(Note:  All crew members should attend 1st rehearsal) and all set times and Monday all cast/crew rehearsal meetings.


In this show, there are many roles and choruses. Please note the chorus descriptions below:


Choruses – Many cast members are assigned to specific songs by being designated to a group chorus (See names of choruses below.)  In addition, there are many ALL CAST large production numbers in this show. In short, if you’re in this show you are onstage a lot and you/your chorus is featured often as well. ANYTHING GOES is a dance show and nearly everyone cast will dance throughout the show, especially in the large production numbers.



Sailors – Featured in much of the show. They have specific songs to sing including difficult harmonies and dances. Many also have spoken lines throughout. 

Angels – Featured in much of the show. They have a lot of difficult dancing to do and will need tan tap shoes (specifics to be discussed at the first rehearsal.) Many also have sung and spoken lines throughout. 

Ship’s Crew – Various deckhands and first mates on the boat that are featured throughout the show.

Young Lovers Chorus – Featured throughout the show as couples in love on the ship.

Cupid’s Chorus – Featured throughout the show in moments of bringing two lovers together. This chorus will need tan tap shoes (specifics to be discussed at the first rehearsal.)